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How to Pick New Escorts in London

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Welcome to the New Escorts in London gallery!

This gallery features a complete list of the most popular escorts from London (from April to Rubi and Alice). So no matter your taste, whether your choice is a busty redhead or a sleek ebony beauty, have the best selection of London escort women to cater for your needs. This is the place to choose your favourite among over 15 hot, sizzling models.


April is a beautiful young blonde from central London. She’s just starting in the adult industry but has a stunning physique and stunning facial features. Her role in an escort agency is that of a sexy temptress, which means she doesn’t have any particular duties other than to enjoy herself. She has olive-coloured skin, large breasts and a perfect Italian accent, making her perfect for any new escort in a London job.


This adorable young lady from east winds is an exotic dancer. She has a passion for entertainment and knows how to attract men. As a new escort in London, she will need to entertain and dance to maintain the clients’ interest. She is dark-haired with a slim build and makes an ideal addition to any good agency.

Alice: Alice is one of my favourite new escorts in London. Her blonde hair is beautiful, and she has great skin. She’s originally from E Europe but moved to London in 2019. Her hard work paid off as she studied dance and modelled. She’s originally from a middle-class family, so she has very little money yet has a large wardrobe. Because she’s beautiful and intelligent, she makes a great addition to any agency.

Ella: A pretty mixed girl from Turkey. Her features include a thin build, brown eyes and dark hair. She is originally from Turkey but has lived in London since 2018. Because most of her clients come from Europe, she does most of her work in an agency. Ash has beautiful dark hair and olive-coloured skin.

The new escorts in London you will meet on your first night out can be considered ‘quality companionship. These girls all know each other well and have formed a network of mutual trust and support. You will learn about a lot of history and fun facts during the course of the evening. Many of these women go out of their way to make new friends and help new escorts in London – and yourself – by taking them to dinner or choosing a nice place for a quiet evening. They are all extremely friendly, and it is a pleasure to call these companions and talk to them about everything going on in their lives.